Profit From Your Preparation

You have decided to place your home on the market, but you may be wondering how to begin setting your house apart from others on the market. Our Signature Agents have compiled a list of tips for you to implement to ensure the best, most timely selling results.

First Impressions are the Most Lasting

Curb appeal is vital! Making sure your home is well maintained is a quick way to grab the attention of potential buyers. Keep your grass trimmed, leaves raked and gardens looking fresh. It is important that all walkways are kept clear of debris and free of ice and snow in the colder months. Windows should be clean and your front door should look inviting. Touch up paint or wash siding to make sure the whole home looks its best.

Decorating Gets the Ball Rolling

Now that you've impressed potential buyers with the exterior of your home, let's not forget the inside. Staging your home is vital; make sure all areas are neat, clean, smelling fresh and free of clutter. Walls and woodwork should be cleaned and repainted where necessary. If new carpet is needed in areas, seriously consider replacing it. It is much easier to show an interested buyer how your home could look than describe its potential. Little touches like fresh flowers, throw pillows and candles go a very long way in transforming your house into a home and impressing buyers.

Let the Sun Shine In

Open those curtains and let the sunlight in! Natural light is a huge boost when it comes to the appeal of a home. If your home is lacking windows in some areas, or is dark due to weather or changing seasons, be sure to invest in proper lighting. The warmth well-placed windows and a few lamps can add to a home is incredible. Also, don't forget to always have the interior and exterior home lights on, day or night-it is a sign of welcome to prospective buyers.

Don't Be a Drip

Now is the time to have any dripping faucets and leaking plumbing fixed. It's better to be pro-active and ahve these issues resolved early on before a potential buyer is deterred by an easy fix.

Little Things Mean A Lot

Prior to interested buyers visiting your home, go through each room carefully. Find and repair anything that needs attention such as: loose door knobs or cabinet pulls, sticking doors or windows and wobbly hinges. Attention to detail shows buyers that you have taken good care of your home and are serious about selling it.

Safety First

 Accidents happen, but taking preventative measures is necessary prior to buyers coming into your home. Make sure that all walkways and stairwels are clean and free of any debris. Replace old light bulbs and repair any faulty light switches. Are you always tripping over that throw rug in the living room? Remove it or purchase a non-slip mat to place beneath it. Solving these issues before they arise is very important.

Top to Bottom

The way your home looks when you're living in it is different from how it should look while it's on the market. Prior to buyers visiting, remove any unnecessary items from every room--attic to basement. You may need to put excess furniture and belongings in storage temporarily. Don't forget about those closets! Make sure all storage spaces, including the garage, are well organized and neat--buyers will be looking. Making your rooms look more spacious and organized is fairly simple and will surely wow buyers.

Bathrooms Help Sell Homes

An impressive bathrom goes a long way in the mind of a buyer. Make sure that yours are sparkling clean and organized. Make sure to clean any water stains, repair damaged tiles or discolored caulking. Consider replacing area rugs, towels and shower curtains so that everything appears fresh and coordinated.

Kitchens are Critical

Kitchens are the heartbeat of most homes; they are places where families and friends gather and memories are created. Therefore, it is crucial that yours looks its best while your home is on the market. Make sure all appliances are spotless, countertops are clear and the area is odor free. Consider adding a nice centerpiece to your table, or a bowl of fresh fruit to your kitchen island. Making this room feel inviting will quickly warm buyers to your home.