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Allergens: The Unwanted House Guests

It's that time of year again when the sun comes out of hiding, the breeze is (finally) warm, and the trees are about to bud. Spring is here! If you're an allergy sufferer, Spring may be bittersweet. We can't control the air outside, but we can control the atmosphere in our homes. Let's talk about how to remove and prevent allergens from invading your space.


1. Banish Dust. It goes without saying that dust will aggrivate allergies. The first obvious step is to sweep, vacuum and dust every surface thoroughly. After that, it's time to look at unsuspecting dust magnets. One of the worst offenders are fans and window binds. Solution: Take apart any standing fans and clean all of the pieces thoroughly - there is no sense in blowing that dust around the room! If you can, replacing your typical blinds with roller shades will cut down dust accumulation immensely. If you cannot, take your blinds down and soak them in the bathtub to remove any buildup.

2. Fight Mold. Your bathroom and kitchen will likely be the worst offenders when it comes to mold. Solution: Take down your shower curtain and liner and replace them periodically. If it's not time to replace them yet, wash them in hot water with a touch of bleach before hanging back up. Next, mix a solution of bleach water and spray it on kitchen and bathroom plumbing before wiping clean. 

3. Soft Surfaces. Cleaning hard surfaces is simple, but it's the soft surfaces in your home (think curtains, furniture, rugs, bedding...) that really trap allergens. Solution: Wash any fabrics that you can in very hot water. Rent a steam cleaner to deep clean furniture and rugs - not only will the cleaner suck allergens out of the fabric, but the steam will kill any that may be left behind. 

4. Purify. Now that your home is allergen free, you need to keep it that way! Solution: Invest in an air purifier to rid the air of allergens before they have a chance to settle in and make themselves at home. Check out this list of the best air purifiers on the market.


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