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Life Hacks: Moving Edition

Starting fresh in a new home or apartment is very exciting...and can also be a daunting amount of work and preparation. Moving doesn't have to be a hassle! Check out these shortcuts and you'll be amazed by how smooth your transition is.


Have a bag ready with everything you'll need for your first night at your new place so you won't be searching through every box after a long day of moving. Include: Toiletries, a change of clothes, phone and computer chargers, laptop, a towel etc.


Your items will be easily spotted and easy to retrieve. Include: box cutter, tools, trash bags, essential cookware, power strips, cleaning supplies etc.


You'll save money on tissue paper and bubble wrap, while putting your towels and clothing to work! Tip: Use socks to pack stemware.


When you get to your new home, bring each box to the room where it belongs. Tip: Label boxes " 1 of x " so you'll know you have them all -- make sure to label boxes on their sides and not their tops!


If possible, see if you can have access to the home before the closing to clean the kitchen and bathrooms before moving in. Having them stocked with paper products and ready for unpacking will safe a lot of time on the day of the move.  If you can, hang your shower curtain and have towels ready so showering will be easy after a long day of unpacking.



Wrap the openings of your toiletries with saran wrap and screw the tops back on to prevent messy spills (especially helpful for pump lotion bottles!).


When you take anything apart, label and organize the pieces in sandwich bags and tape them to the item for easy re-assembly.


Save yourself the aggravation of trying to remember how everything fits together by snapping a few quick pictures on your phone before unhooking your electronics.

Unpacking will be a snap! Tip: Go through your closets first and take out any off-season items to store away immediately after your move. If you can, vacuum seal them to save space.


Remember: The more preparation you do in advance, the easier your move will be.

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