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What Does Your Front Door's Color Say About You?

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The entrance way of a home is the first thing people notice. Much like a tie defines an outfit, a front door sets the tone for a home and establishes a focal point.

A front door is symbolic of an entry point where energy, opportunities and abundance will greet us. Who knew a color choice could have such an impact?!

 Let's take a look at some popular door colors and their meanings:



 Traditionally, blue has been symbolic of sky, water and abundance. It is also known to conjure up feelings of safety, refuge and retreat. Consider using blue to give your home a feeling of prosperity.



Green suggests health, tranquility and harmony. Choose a shade of green to reflect feelings of comfort and peace.



Black is a power color. When used on a front door it conveys strength, power and authority.




Red has traditionally been a symbol of welcome when used on front doors. Otherwise, the color is associated with passion, energy and excitement.




Brown is a natural choice. The warm look of wood conveys stability and reliability.




A yellow front door tells passersby you are bold, energetic and full of merriment. It's a fun, attention grabbing choice.




Purple is a color associated with opportunity, positive energy and good luck. It may be a good choice if you're hoping to attract good fortune.


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