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Use Lighting To Increase Your Home's Value

With shorter days ahead making, making your house look bright and inviting to buyers is tougher than usual. Follow these suggestions to 'WOW' buyers and entice them with your warm, cozy home.


First of all, making the most of the daylight we do have is a must during the Winter months. If showings can be scheduled during the day, it will be beneficial to your home's look and feel and also give buyers a more accurate view of the property. If you're expecting showings be sure to leave draperies pulled back to allow in as much daylight as possible. Also, if you will be home shortly before the showing, be sure to leave lamps on--do not assume that light switches will be found easily (Think: basement family rooms).

In rooms with less natural light, or for late afternoon and evening showings, you will have to be a little more creative. Try placing mirrors strategically to reflect sunlight and the glow from lamps. To create a cozy feel, forego harsh overhead lighting and instead add more lamps, or use dimmer switches when available.


If you have track lighting, use it to emphasize the best aspects of your rooms while drawing away from anything less favorable. If your budget allows, adding extra lighting below kitchen cabinets is an inexpensive way to add a lot of extra brightness to your space. In the grand scheme of housewares, lighting fixtures are very low cost. Switching out any outdated styles will make a HUGE impact for buyers. Choose a neutral color like pewter as opposed to dated, shiny finishes to really change a space.

Make sure to go through your entire home and flip every light switch to be sure all bulbs are working. Notice a closet or stairwell that seems dim? Be sure to change the bulbs before showings begin. *Tip* replace harsh, white light bulbs with more yellowed bulbs to create a warmer, less harsh feel.

Outside, be sure to leave your entryway lights on at all times to give your home's curb appeal a boost. Motion lights are helpful additions for walkways and side entrances and are also added safety features.


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