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Simple Tips for Better Home Showings

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Open Houses are a great way to showcase your home to interested buyers. Make sure it looks its very best and leaves a lasting impression by following these 12 easy steps.

1. Remove Clutter and Clear Counters. When buyers attend an open house, they want to see a spotless, 'blank canvas' home where they can imagine themselves. To prepare, get rid of stacks of magazines and newspapers that might be laying around and take notes and photos off of your refrigerator. Next pack up most of your collectibles and small decorative items; you don't want buyers to be distracted and less clutter makes your spaces look and feel better. Put extra furniture and stored items in temporary storage to make your living and closet spaces appear larger. Don't forget to give your garage a thorough once over as well!

2. Wash Windows and Screens. You will let in more light and impress buyers with your attention to detail.

3. Deep Clean Everything. A clean, neat house will make a solid first impression and send a message to buyers that your home has been well taken care of. Wash fingerprints from appliances and light switch plates, mop and wax floors and clean your kitchen and bathrooms extensively. If you can afford to hire a cleaning service, it would be well worth the investment.

4. Make Sure Every Room Smells Fresh. Clean your carpets, draperies and upholstery to remove any odors and freshen up. Open your windows to air out the house and add scented candles or plug-ins strategically throughout.

5. Brighten Your Rooms. Switching your light bulbs to a higher wattage will help brighten rooms and are especially important for basements and attics. Replace any burned out bulbs, including those in closets. Clean your walls and consider having them freshly painted in a neutral color.

6. Minor Repairs Are Important. Small issues such as sticky doors, torn screens or a dripping faucet may not occur to you every day, but buyers will take not. Fix any issues around the home and their confidence in the quality of your home will rise.

7. Tidy Your Yard. Mow the grass, rake stray leaves, add fresh mulch, trim hedges and clean gutters in the warmer months. During the winter, make sure all pathways are shoveled and clear of ice and debris. For added curb appeal add a pot of bright flowers near your entryway or hang a festive wreath on your door.

8. Patch Holes. If your driveway has large pock marks or holes, repair them and apply a sealant.

9. Add Pops Of Color. A colored throw and a few accent pillows will really add a lot to living areas.

10. Add Flowers. Purchase a flowering plant, if you don't own one to place near windows you walk past frequently. Little details like this go a long way for buyers.

11. Add Centerpieces. Fill a decorative bowl with brightly colored fruit, or add a bouquet of flowers to dining tables for an extra 'wow'.

12. Set The Scene. Set the table with your best dishes and add candles. Buyers will want to picture themselves living in your space, so make them feel at home!

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