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School Districts Top Family Priorities



60% of Home Buyers are swayed by school district choices.

Kids are housing game changers. Growing families face new and often unfamiliar concerns. The home that once was comfortable for a couple can soon become overcrowded as little ones grow. Children also bring up other concerns for parents including neighborhood safety and educational opportunities. A recent study by found that 3 out of 5 buyers say school boundary lines were a deciding factor in their purchase decision. Buyers were also shown to be willing to give up other luxuries and go above and beyond to secure their children seats in premier classrooms.

Of those home buyers who ranked school boundary lines as deciding factors:

Pay More For Schools


Those same home buyers were willing to forego entirely:

Give Up

Vermont is fortunate to boast a 90% high-school graduation rate-one of the nation's highest! now offers a search by school district function.

Have a school in mind? Contact a Signature Agent to help find a home in that area!