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10 Ways To Save Money When Moving



Organizing the move to your new home will make your transition much simpler and even save you money! Try these tips during your next relocation:

1. Do Your Own Packing: As much as we all dread it, this is a major money saver. Give yourself a few weeks to completely pack up so you're not rushing at the end. If you hire movers to take your things to your new home, make sure your boxes are fully packed when they arrive. Movers charge by the hour, so have everything ready, and as close to the truck as possible. Professionals also tend to charge more for carrying items down stairs or far distances, so if you can do some of the legwork yourself you will be better off.

2. Don't Buy Boxes: Ask local stores if they have extra boxes that they will give away. They would rather give them to you than pay to have them hauled away...a win-win! If you must buy boxes, you are better off getting them in bulk from a home improvement store to save money.

3. Get Creative: Pack your breakables with things you have around the house (think: towels, scarves, tablecloths etc.). You will need to pack these items anyway, so you may as well put them to work--not only saving you money, but saving valuable space in your boxes. Tip: stow your small drinking glasses, or candle-holders inside of mittens to protect them.

4. Don't Use Newspaper: If all else fails and you must use paper--skip the newspaper, it will leave black ink on your dishes and glass. Instead opt for blank newsprint or tissue paper available inexpensively at craft stores.

5. Downsize: Packing up your home is the perfect time to evaluate what you use and what you can part with. If you're not using it, or haven't worn it in over one year, get rid of it! Have a moving sale and put the proceeds toward your moving expenses. Since movers factor weight into their pricing, purging unnecessary items can be a huge money saver.

6. U-Pack Solutions: Instead of hiring a moving company to carry boxes onto a truck for you, try the rented container route. The company will drop off a container to meet your size requirements that you load yourself. When you are ready, you call the company back and they deliver it to your new home. This is much less expensive than the traditional moving service. If you have enough help it is a great alternative.

7. Enlist Friends and Family: Ask (or beg, or bribe) friends and family to lend you a hand. A few extra hands go a very long way toward saving you time and money. When you're all settled into your new home, host a "Thank You" party to show your appreciation.

8. Move In The Off Season: Rates for moving companies will be lower if you're not moving during the peak seasons (Spring, Summer and Early Fall). Check with local moving companies to see if their rates change depending on the day of the week. Services will be in higher demand on the weekend so it may be a good idea to book ahead, and during the week instead.

9. Keep Your Receipts: Make sure to keep all of your moving expenses written down and keep copies of your receipts. These may be tax deductible-especially if you are moving because of a new job.

10. Gas Up The Truck: If you decide to rent a moving truck, remember to return it with a full tank of gas. Rental companies will charge a premium price if they have to do it themselves. Also, check to make sure the truck doesn't need to be returned by a certain time and do your best to avoid an extra day's fee.

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