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Is remodeling the right decision?

You just bought a new home, congratulations! Now what?  Whether your plan is to upgrade to a larger home soon, or watch your family grow into this house, resale is inevitably on your mind.  Most homeowners are concerned with improvement and adding value to their new home.  Experts will quickly tell you the most value can be found in kitchens and bathrooms.  However, most experts will not tell you how best to avoid devaluing your home.  Taking value away can be easier than adding value, so careful thought should be taken into account before making any major changes.

The good people at have put together a list of the Top 5 ways homes get devalued.  The overwhelming theme of the list is to try to keep personal tastes from dominating your decorating; stay neutral.

1.      Neighborhood - Nobody wants to try to sell a home that sits next to a home that is painted like a Holstein cow.  It may be cute and even may have had the best, 'Vermont' intentions, however it can be disastrous for neighboring property values.  Although no one can control their neighbors decisions, friendly conversations can go along away to help protect your investment.

2.      Curb Appeal - The very 1st thing any prospective buyer will see is the front yard.  Try to avoid any major changes that decrease the curb appeal of your home.  Do not add clutter, gnomes, flamingos or other artifacts that may only appeal to select buyers.

3.      Paint - A fresh coat of paint goes a long way to bring back the life and luster of a house.  However, use caution when selecting color.  Always chose a color that will attract the most prospective buyers. Remember, keep it neutral and fitting with the rest of the neighborhood to retain property value.

4.      Kitchen - In today's market, a modern kitchen is a huge selling point, however a bad kitchen can spoil the deal.  Remember, nobody wants to to buy a kitchen that was put in incorrectly; selling a DIY project gone wrong can be very challenging.  Consult with a professional before undertaking remodeling project.

5.      Bathroom - Second to the kitchen, the bathroom is the best bang-for-your buck when it comes to remodeling.  This is another place to proceed with caution and without bias.  A bidet, in your mind, may be the symbol of luxury.  However, if it is occupying 1/3 of the small bathroom in a small Cape Cod, many buyers may think of it as an unnecessary extravagance.  When remodeling a bathroom, try too keep personal preferences out of the decisions making process and go with options that will draw the most buyers.

Remodeling can be fun, and adding value is always great.  If resale is in your future, remember to keep it neutral, and ALWAYS consult a professional.  CLICK HERE to read the entire article or CLICK HERE to email a Signature Properties of VT sales agent with any question you might have.

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