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Would you leave your front door unlocked?




Vermont is overall a very safe place to live where it may be more dangerous to leave your Wi-Fi unlocked than your front door.

Today, most people have installed a wireless internet router to provide their home with easy, convenient web access. Most routers have security features allowing only designated users access to the network. Unfortunately many people are unaware of these features or fail to properly utilize them. Without security measures in place your personal data is highly susceptible. Leaving your Wi-Fi open is the digital equivalent of leaving your wallet and iPhone on a Central Park bench. Hackers are able to access your computer from a world away and infiltrate your data as well as your network. Some of the actions taken by hackers include:

  • Capturing passwords and PINs
  • Capturing emails
  • Capturing private/sensitive data
  • Broadcasting emails from personal accounts
  • Broadcasting viruses

The good news is implementing security measures is fast and simple. Most router manufacturers provide step-by-step instructions on their websites.


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