Signature Specialty Divisions

Signature Properties of Vermont has several excellent divisions prepared to meet your specifichome buyingneeds.

Luxury Division

Signature Properties of Vermont showcases the finest luxury homes in the state andwe areproud to assist you in buying or selling your estate. Whether you are looking to find your lake front dream home, your golf course estate or your alpine chalet, allow our Luxury Home Division assist in your search.
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New Construction Division

New homes and neighborhoods are being developed every day! Whether you are interested in a small starter home, or a multi-family estate, our New Construction Division is ready to serve. Signature Properties of Vermont works with the most reputable developers in the area to construct beautiful neighborhoods built with cutting edge techniques. Many of the new construction homes feature warranties and customization options.
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Distressed Division

Looking for the perfect flip-house? Are you upside-down on your mortgage? Did you lose your job or are no longer able to keep up with your payments? The Signature Properties of Vermont Distressed Division is specially trained to work with lenders and attorneys to help you make the most of your financial situation. Don’t go at it alone; let the Signature Properties Distressed Division assist you.
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Green Homes Division

If environmental sustainablity, reducing your carbon footprint and energy-efficiency are important to you,Signature Properties of Vermont is the clear choice. We work with local builders whospecialize in optimizing energy ratings and we are happy to assistyou in finding a comfortable, affordable home that will sustain your family for decades to come. Click HERE for a quick search of Eco-friendly and green homes in Vermont.
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Rental Division

If you are in-between homes, new to the area, or otherwise looking for a temporary housing solution Signature Properties of Vermont’s Rental Division is happy to assist you in your search. Our experienced agents are very familiar with the area and all that it has to offer. With so many rentals on the market, Signature Properties’ Rental Division will use your priorities to find you the perfect rental, at the perfect price, in the perfect area. Click HERE for a quick search of Rentals in Vermont . or call (802) 872-8881.